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Becoming the CEO of Your Life – Achieve 3X Business Growth and Personal Mastery

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Are You Tired of Being Trapped in the Hamster Wheel of Your Limitations?

CEO of Life Program offers comprehensive solutions to liberate you from the common struggles limiting your full potential.

Achieve Clarity, Peace, and Confidence

Our program is crafted to elevate you to a higher state of being. Experience clarity of thought, peace of mind, and a renewed surge of confidence. Prepare yourself for a life that’s stress-free, more focused, and filled with limitless creativity.

Overcome Fears & Anxiety

It's time to dissolve bitterness in relationships, overcome fears and anxiety, and dispel the cloud of confusion. At CEO of Life, we guide you to cleanse your energy, soothe emotional disturbances, and eliminate negative thoughts, worries, and stress.

Your Journey to 3X Growth Begins Here

At CEO of Life, we believe in the power of transformation. Our goal is to guide you towards a life characterized by peace, focus, and confidence. Unlock the door to higher self-belief, increased self-worth, and self-love.

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Business Will Be For You What You Want It To Be

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A Journey to Personal & Professional Excellence

Day - 1

Discover how to achieve instant peace with our quick and effective Awareness Techniques, no lengthy meditation required.

Day - 2

Day 2 focuses on exploring your inner depth, effortlessly connecting with your true self through fundamental awareness activities.

Day - 3

Day 3 unlocks the key to freeing yourself from the past, enabling you to soar lightly towards abundance and prosperity.

Day - 4

On Day 4, discover the key to unleash your hidden powers and gain insight into resolving past issues for a brighter future.

Day - 5

Day 5 marks the start of your journey to becoming the CEO of your life, offering the ticket to personal leadership and success.

Why Choose CEO of Life for Your Transformation Journey?

CEO of Life stands out because of its unique holistic approach to growth, offering tailored solutions guided by expert mentors, and yielding proven results.

Holistic Approach to Growth

We believe that true growth cannot be compartmentalized. It's not just about enhancing your business or focusing solely on personal development. At CEO of Life, we integrate both elements into a comprehensive growth plan.

Expert Mentors

Our team is comprised of seasoned coaches, mentors, and industry professionals. They are not just skilled in their respective fields but are also passionate about helping you unlock your full potential. With their guidance, you'll navigate the path to becoming the CEO of your life.

Tailored Solutions

Our program is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that every individual is unique, and so are their challenges. Our experts work closely with you to identify your specific obstacles and create a personalized plan to overcome them. Fixed system and process to ground in reality will be given in recorded sessions and all real time issues will be resolved in live group coaching sessions or live 1 on 1 customised sessions as a participant enrols into it.

Proven Results

CEO of Life is not just another self-improvement program. Our methods are backed by countless success stories and testimonials from individuals and teams, who have undergone significant transformations in their personal lives, careers and businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering results and making a real difference in shortest possible time and saving your years of hard work by helping you align at 7 level if existence.


Exclusive Bonus Bundle Valued at Rs. 13,649/-

As a special treat for all participants, an exclusive bonus package has been curated, providing access to a wealth of valuable resources and materials that will enrich and enhance their journey.

Bonus - 1

“Divine Relaxation,” offers a serene experience by invoking the divine within, promoting deep relaxation.

Bonus - 2

“Identify Your Stress Levels,” offers a simple and effective test to evaluate stress levels in your life.

Bonus - 3

“The Bridge to Success Formula,” provides a proven method to bridge the gap between your current situation and desired goals.

Bonus - 4

“Discovering Being Estimable,” helps you understand your level of worthiness in various areas of life.

Bonus - 5

The “Action Taker Bonus” includes a 15-minute personal consultation session to gain clarity and direction in your life.

Join Our Business Coaching Program And Start Seeing Results Now!

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What Our Clients Says About Us

Sheetal is patient and keeps her word. She makes sure that her customers get what they came for. She stands by her commitments given. A compassionate and dedicated professional.

Robin ( Aparna ) Project Manager, Arizona, US

Sheetal is very kind hearted and generous person I came across. I wish her all best and pray God, to give her more energy and strength to help people and bring more smiles to the people across globe.

Anil Gogia Partner, Asia law house Hyderabad

Sheetal is a Wonderful Person. Her Charismatic Personality is Enough to Inspire any Person. She is so Blessed that she can Transform Lives and make this Planet a Better Place. Wishing Her Great Success in Her Endeavour to help People. Thank You so much Sheetal, for your Contribution to Mankind.

Mihir Mohanty Miracle Coach , Bangalore

Sheetal is very friendly and innovative person. Always eager to explore, learn & improvise it further with her own creativity and experiments and applies the same. She is full of positivity & happiness. I wish her very bright future ahead.

Vineeta Shankar Bage Sr Product Engg, Pune

Sheetal is a person who can make ever lasting impact in short time and delivers effective transformation that’s irreversible. She is dedicated, trust worthy, confident, capable and will not leave until she delivers what is committed.

Naveen Itta Founder, Build Craft, Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the CEO of Life program entail?

The CEO of Life program is a comprehensive personal and business growth plan. It’s designed to help individuals overcome personal limitations such as mindset blocks, low confidence, and creativity blocks, helping you to drop unresourceful habits and acquire resourceful habits, with unique integrated mind and quantum healing modalities, while simultaneously enabling them to achieve 3X business growth in shortest possible time. The program encompasses different modules addressing both personal and professional aspects of growth. CEO formula is just the 1st step to CEO of life towards an exponential growth.

How is the CEO of Life program different from other personal development or business growth programs?

The uniqueness of our program lies in its holistic approach. It doesn’t segregate personal development and business growth – instead, it intertwines the two, believing that personal mastery fuels business/ career success. Furthermore, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution; each plan is personalized to fit the specific needs and challenges of the individuals, teams and organisations, with the help of our team of experts across industry, with versatile domain experience.

How long does it take to see results from the CEO of Life program?

The timing can vary from person to person, as it depends on individual readiness, acceptance, commitment, efforts, and the specific challenges to be overcome. However, many of our participants start to see changes in their outlook and approach within a few days of practicing the mind techniques to few weeks, and significant progress in their business growth over several months and people have shown miraculous results with 7 level alignment in 20 days to 12 months. It is still subjective as capabilities at conscious level varies. The longest timeline to produce 10x results is 3years. 2x can be achieved in 6 months by mere following the recordings, doing the assignments and implementing routines as asked. 3x is mostly got in 9 months with weekly live sessions and 5x takes 1 year time with recording, weekly group live and personal 1 on 1.

What kind of support can I expect during my journey with the CEO of Life program?

You’ll receive consistent support from our expert mentors and coaches throughout your journey. In addition, you’ll also be part of a community of like-minded individuals where you can share experiences, learn from each other, and build lasting relationships. Our team is always here to assist you on your path to becoming the CEO of your life.

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