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Robin ( Aparna )

Project Manager, Arizona,
United States

Sheetal is patient and keeps her word. She makes sure that her customers get what they came for. She stands by her commitments given. A compassionate and dedicated professional.

Musheer Ahmed


Sheetal is strong minded strong hearted with a lots of care and concern for others naturally. She has never quit attitude, towards her goals.
Have known her for more than a decade. And all I can say is SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN.

Anil Gogia

Partner, Asia law house

Sheetal is very kind hearted and generous person I came across. I wish her all best and pray God, to give her more energy and strength to help people and bring more smiles to the people across globe.

Vineeta Shankar Bage

Sr Product Engg, Pune

Sheetal is very friendly and innovative person. Always eager to explore, learn & improvise it further with her own creativity and experiments and applies the same. She is full of positivity & happiness. I wish her very bright future ahead

Naveen Itta

Founder, Build Craft, Bangalore

Sheetal is a person who can make ever lasting impact in short time and delivers effective transformation that’s irreversible.
She is dedicated, trust worthy, confident, capable and will not leave until she delivers what is committed.

Mohana Priya

Operation Executive, Bangalore

Sheetal is somebody who will take full responsibility for ones growth and improvement. Even at times one is resigned and cynical, she is never dulled by that behaviour nor distracted and will pull you out any ordeal .The stand she takes for people is truly magnanimous

Mihir Mohanty

Miracle Coach , Bangalore

Sheetal is a Wonderful Person. Her Charismatic Personality is Enough to Inspire any Person. She is so Blessed that she can Transform Lives and make this Planet a Better Place. Wishing Her Great Success in Her Endeavour to help People. Thank You so much Sheetal, for your Contribution to Mankind.         

Chetana. S

Founder, Director IKnowItMOM,

Sheetals presence felt, in any crowd. She has a lot of enthusiasm and care for the society.  She is confident and friendly. She compassionately talks about her work. She has deep understanding about the importance of positive mindset. She is energizing. “

Dibyajyoti Bhattacharjee

Team Leader, Accenture,

Sheetal is a wonderful motivator and an inspiration for anyone who aspires to make a life worth living. Sheetal is a hands-on coach, she will guide to reach one’s full potential and help overcome inhibitions. She gives instant and long lasting results, within the first session one can see the changes. I would recommend everyone with higher aspirations to avail services from Sheetal

Sarbojit Mishra

Programme Lead for Customer
Experience Management.

Sheetal is true to her name, she cools the stress, wade away depression with her powerful structure of coaching. For specific issues she has specific process and quick techniques for amazing results. Above all this she is wonderful being who can be trusted and counted on.

Manavalli Veena

Director, Imagestation

Sheetal is a person, who will motivate individuals so effortlessly  and support them in overcoming the challenges with determination. 

When people say I can’t,  I won’t or its difficult … She says you can, its easy, go conquer the challenge,by just surrendering your mind to a session of 90mins!!!!
She is a committed and trust worthy person.
Sheetal is her word.


Senior Software Engineer,

I know Sheetal as a fun loving, expressive, passionate and dedicated person. May God bless her with all the strength required to realize her dreams in unleashing human potential fully

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Sonia who had undergone several programs across the globe before in spirituality, healing and in space of transformation also got benefited from our Signature program of 24hrs – Powerful Warrior aka, “The CEO of Life”, conducted by Sheetal Vijay and Sonia recommends the program to every individual across the globe to release the roadblocks to success and attain accelerated excellence in personal and professional life. Sonia says, ‘Sheetal is a noble soul and delivers whatever she claims, she is her word’.

Sonia Achpal

Yoga consultant, Reiki master
20 years of experience, Bangalore.