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Charisma Mind creates programs that are grounded in Spirituality and balances the Materialistic Aspects of Human life. Learn from the real-life learners and explorers on how to ‘Live Life Powerfully Truly And How To Live The Life You Love By Creating It. Browse individual programs in our store or get access to a life-transforming package.

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Sonia who had undergone several programs across the globe before in spirituality, healing and in space of transformation also got benefited from our Signature program of 24hrs – Powerful Warrior aka, “The CEO of Life”, conducted by Sheetal Vijay and Sonia recommends the program to every individual across the globe to release the roadblocks to success and attain accelerated excellence in personal and professional life. Sonia says, ‘Sheetal is a noble soul and delivers whatever she claims, she is her word’.

Sonia Achpal

Yoga consultant, Reiki master
20 years of experience, Bangalore.

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We Work On Roots

We always work on the roots of the problems than working on the symptoms. We believe in giving long-lasting solutions

Hand Holding

The entire team works on self on daily basis & we serve from the heart to transform our participant's life holistically. Our work is worship.

7 Level Alignment

The only company in India to provide Transformation of a Human Being at 7 levels of Existence in 1 single complete program under 1 roof.

No Batch Merging

We always take a handful individuals in any batch & we do not merge batches ever. We deliver our promises before starting next batch.

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