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Dive into Our Exclusive Webinar! Discover Your Subconscious Power and Find Unmatched Clarity in Every Corner of Your Life!

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Ever felt stuck?

Craving clarity and a sense of purpose?

You’re in the right place! Join us for a transformative webinar where we’ll explore the wonders of the subconscious mind, connect with the ‘Super Cosmic Mind’, and unlock your true potential.

Guided by the renowned expert, Sheetal Vijay, this is your ticket to a life full of joy, abundance, and self-discovery!

  • Unlock Your Full Potential: Dive deep with Sheetal Vijay to unlock your subconscious mind.
    Your Gateway to Abundance: Embrace a holistic approach for a life of fulfillment and self-mastery.
  • Who Is This For?

This webinar is crafted for individuals who:

Are curious about the power of the subconscious mind and holistic living.
Seek independence and fulfillment on their own terms.
Understand the value of a systematic approach to life transformation.
Are committed to overcoming limitations and achieving goals at an accelerated pace.
Believe in the inner reservoir of answers and are willing to connect with their higher selves.

Sheetal Vijay

Founder Charisma Mind

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Topic The Freedom Formula
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Start Time Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 04:00 PM
Timezone Asia/Kolkata
Duration 180

₹ 499