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I’m a Happiness Coach with 20+ years of experience.

Sheetal Vijay, a renowned Success Catalyst and Happiness Integrator, is not only a recipient of prestigious awards such as the Shiksha Ratna Award, the Mahila Ratna Award, and Performance Award, but she has also authored enlightening books on Accelerating Excellence, Mastering Emotions & Money Mindset.

Her literary contributions, coupled with her transformative AFT Quantum healing & life coaching abilities, have left an indelible mark on the lives of individuals and the performance of Business Leaders, Corporate working Professionals, Entreprenuers, Healers, Doctors and more. Sheetal’s multi-faceted expertise continues to inspire and uplift those she touches as individuals, teams and organisation.

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Mahila Ratna Award

Mar 2018

Shikshaka Ratna Award

Sept 2017

Performance Award

Jan 2015

Transforming Lives To Exceptional Heights

Transforming lives through personalized coaching and guidance. Discover your true potential and unlock a brighter future with our expert life coach. Start your journey today and experience the life-changing benefits of personal transformation.


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Shrijeeth Subhas

Master Healer

Sheetal Vijay

Subconscious Reprogramming Expert


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What Our Clients Says About Us

Sheetal is patient and keeps her word. She makes sure that her customers get what they came for. She stands by her commitments given. A compassionate and dedicated professional.

Robin ( Aparna ) Project Manager, Arizona, US

Sheetal is very kind hearted and generous person I came across. I wish her all best and pray God, to give her more energy and strength to help people and bring more smiles to the people across globe.

Anil Gogia Partner, Asia law house Hyderabad

Sheetal is a Wonderful Person. Her Charismatic Personality is Enough to Inspire any Person. She is so Blessed that she can Transform Lives and make this Planet a Better Place. Wishing Her Great Success in Her Endeavour to help People. Thank You so much Sheetal, for your Contribution to Mankind.

Mihir Mohanty Miracle Coach , Bangalore

Sheetal is very friendly and innovative person. Always eager to explore, learn & improvise it further with her own creativity and experiments and applies the same. She is full of positivity & happiness. I wish her very bright future ahead.

Vineeta Shankar Bage Sr Product Engg, Pune

Sheetal is a person who can make ever lasting impact in short time and delivers effective transformation that’s irreversible. She is dedicated, trust worthy, confident, capable and will not leave until she delivers what is committed.

Naveen Itta Founder, Build Craft, Bangalore

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